Long's Security Services Inc.


For the past 25 years, Long's Security Services Inc. has worked to provide the highest quality professional services to leave residential home owners and commercial business owners with a peace of mind about their safety, the safety of their loved ones, and the safety of their possessions.


Our mission has always been to supply our customers with the most cost-effective security solutions, friendly comprehensive customer service, and the highest quality products.

Our Company

LSSI is a company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, professional operation, and superior business relations. We seek to fulfill the needs of our customers in security and surveillance services by providing customized reliable security solutions and the highest-quality customer service.


Since 1988 Long's Security Services Inc. has provided professional service to the Birmingham area with clients that have included: Alabama Power, U.S. Pipe Company, The Birmingham Times, a host of churches, community centers, small businesses, and hundreds of residential properties.


Long’s Security has been thriving through 25 years of dedicated research, development, and effort to address public concerns with personal safety and property protection. We have developed a unique approach to commercial and residential security that has proven to be a success to our customer base over decades of loyal service.