Offered Products



IMPASSA Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System (SCW9057)

  • Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push to- talk alarm communication
  • 2-way wireless support–– 1 keypad–– 2 sirens–– 16 wireless keys
  • Supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process
  • Template programming
  • Full 32-character programmable labels
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Individual FAP keys
  • 17 user access codes
  • 500 event buffer
  • False alarm reduction features (CP-01)
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • Outdoor temperature display



Alexor 2-Way Wireless Panel PC9155 (PC9155) 

  • 32 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
  • Wireless quick enroll
  • Template programming
  • 16 user codes, 1 master code and 1 maintenance code
  • Account code error checking
  • Alternate communications via GSM/GPRS and IP
  • Onboard siren at 85dB
  • 2 Input/Output terminals
  • 200mA Aux Output
  • 500 event buffer
  • Wall and case tamper
  • 24Hr Battery backup



PowerSeries 8-32 Zone Control Panel PC1832 (PC1832)


  • 8 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 16 hardwired zones
  • Expandable to 32 wireless zones
  • 2 PGM outputs: expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208)
  • Template Programming
  • Connect up to 8 supervised keypads with keypad zones
  • 2 partitions
  • 500-event buffer
  • 48 user codes




Simon XT 2-Way Wireless Panel (80-632-3N-XT)

  • Z-Wave® lighting and lock control
  • Z-Wave HVAC control
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Door/window sensors
  • Freeze and water sensors
  • Motion and shock sensors
  • Keychain touchpads
  • Glass guard sensors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Remote handheld touchpads


Simon XT 2-Way Voice with Touch Screen (Touch Screen-XT)

  • 3.5-inch color LCD screen with Graphical User Interface (GUI) delivers easy-to-understand information at a quick glance
  • Wireless design facilitates quick and easy installation
  • Simon XT compatible for added control of security system features
  • compatible for advanced interactive services
  • Optional HVAC and lighting control devices with programmable options help promote energy savings
  • Four-day weather forecast adds value and lifestyle convenience


2-Way Wireless Wire-Free Keypad WT5500 (WT5500)

Wireless Door/Window Contact WS4945W (WS4945)


Wireless Recessed Door/Window Contact EV-DW4917 (EV-DW4917)



Wireless Pet-Immune Passive Infrared Indoor Motion Detector WS4904W (WS4904)



Wireless Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Detector LC-171 (LC-171)


Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector WS4926 (WS4926)



2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren WT4901 (WT4901)



2-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren WT4911 (WT4911)


Wireless Glassbreak Detector WLS912L-433W (WLS912L-433)

Wireless Flood Detector WS4985 (WS4985)


Wireless CO Detector WS4913 (WS4913)


4-Button Wireless Key WS4939EU (WS4939)



TruVision Line (Dome, Bullet, and Pan/Tilt Cameras)


  • Balanced IR illumination for optimal viewing in low- to no-light environments
  • Omni-directional dome form factor provides flexible installation options
  • Up to IP67 ratings for weather-resistant performance (depending on model)
  • Varifocal and fixed lens options available