Long's Security Services Inc. specializes in providing customized security and surveillance solutions with professional installation and quality parts and services. We are especially focused on providing systems and services tailored to our servicing markets needs. Our services include custom system design, professional installation and training, quality technical support, superior customer service, and all with competitive low rates.


Our basic protection services include:


  • Burglar and Intrusion Protection
  • Fire Protection (not included in commercial, option available)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Life Safety/Medical Panic Alarm Protection
  • 24 x 7 Professional Monitoring (UL Tested)
  • Redundancy Safeguards


You can also enjoy the ultimate in wireless home security and home automation services. This service upgrade includes 100% cellular monitoring, a full suite of monitored events, interactive features, video surveillance, and a home automation suite of lights, thermostats, and locks.


Our premium protection services include:


  • All basic protection services
  • Wireless Security Video
  • Home Automation - Light Control
  • Home Automation - Locks & Climate
  • Instant Security Alerts
  • Remote Alarm System Control
  • Patented 'Crash and Smash'


CALL us NOW for a free personalized estimate (205) 798- 8509. Our Customer Service Reps will build a personalized package specific to your security needs.